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Darwinism's Bloody Dialectic

So far, we have sketched the spread of Communism throughout the world. In nearly every country, it developed as an alternative to capitalism or Fascism. Communism may seem to be the direct opposite of capitalism and Fascism, but Darwinism is their common inspiration. Capitalism and Fascism are Darwinism's right wing and Communism, its left wing. In every country, the spread of Darwinism gives rise to the sudden growth of both wings. Therefore, those who use Darwinism to support Fascism and capitalism will inevitably have supported Communism too!
According to Darwinism's atheist worldview, right and left give birth to, and even nourish each other. Each side engages with the other in continuous conflict. Darwinism regards this clashing as appropriate, even necessary for human societies.
Viewing this general outline, we can say that Darwinism has established a dialectic on the political level. Dialectic, a theory proposed by the German philosopher Hegel and adopted later by Marx and Engels, supposes that every development in the universe occurs as the result of conflict. Every state, condition, or idea is a "thesis," followed by an "antithesis." Thesis and antithesis engage in a conflict that's eventually resolved in a "synthesis." After a while, this synthesis itself becomes another thesis; and another antithesis comes into conflict with it. According to dialetic theory, conflict must continue in this way indefinitely.
Darwinism has made the world a battleground for dialectic by rejecting the fact that God created humanity and promoting the idea that human beings are another species of animal. In many countries, especially in Europe, right-wing Darwinists once held sway. Having destroyed religious belief or destroying moral values, they introduced heartless capitalism that led to Fascism. Against this group, the left-wing Darwinists—Communists—organized themselves; both sides entered into a continual state of conflict with each other. The synthesis of this Darwinist dialectics is always the same: torture, pain, blood, war, tears…
Our other books have examined the terror and savagery perpetrated by Fascists, the representatives of right-wing Darwinist dialectics. In this book, we'll examine Communist terror and savagery.
Those Who Wish To Silence Opposing Ideas With A "Conflict Of Dialectic" Are Defea In Every Age
Dialectical materialism took its inspiration from Darwinism, regarding history as a merciless struggle between opposing ideas. In the 20th century, Communists have clashed with Fascists and set citizens of one country against one another, turning the world into a lake of blood. Each has believed that its own ideology would emerge the victor. But Communism did not come out of this struggle victorious, and dialectical materialism's idea of historical dialectics has also collapsed.
Above is a relief depicting the Egyptian Pharaoh breaking the skulls of his opponents.Pharaoh was proud of his cruel, oppressive methods. But he had a sad end.
Throughout history, there has always been an opposition between good and evil, even in the realm of ideas. Good has always won out, because the methods of struggle that God has revealed to people in the Qur'an are designed to bring peace, trust and friendship, destroying contention and enmity. For example, God commanded Moses to call Pharaoh into the right way. Moses and Pharaoh had completely different aims, but when God brought these two opposing sides together, He said to Moses and his brother Aaron, "Go to Pharaoh; he has overstepped the bounds. But speak to him with gentle words so that hopefully he will pay heed or show some fear." (Qur'an, 20:43-44)
As God had commanded, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh, patiently using various methods to show him, the good and righteous path of God's commands. At the end of this intellectual argument, Pharaoh wasn't able to see the truth and kept on with his oppression. But he was drowned in the sea, and Moses and his people were saved. This example is a synopsis of human history: No one wins by fighting and bloodshed. Even those who rose to power by means of conflict could not lead their lives in peace and comfort. On the contrary, they live every moment under material and spiritual stress. Those who prevail are believers who always invite people to discuss their ideas in an atmosphere of peace and trust, and who incite them to think.

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