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Pavlov's Dogs and Lenin's Plans for Human Evolution

It's important to understand the reason behind Lenin's violence and that underlay further examples of Communist tragedies. Why did Lenin and other Communist leaders we'll examine later—Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot—become crazed murderers?
The reason is the materialist philosophy they held, and its view of human beings. As we saw at the beginning, Communism is basically materialist philosophy applied to history, in total harmony with Darwin's theory of evolution—which, in turn, is the adaptation of materialist philosophy to the natural world. Some basic elements of this perverse philosophy can be outlined as follows:
1. A human being is composed only of matter, with no spirit or soul.
2. A human is a highly evolved species of animal. Essentially, there is no difference between human beings and animals. The only difference between a human being and other animals is that his environment has tamed him.
3. In nature and in human society, the only unchanging law is the one of conflict. Conflicting interests result in struggle. At the end of any struggle, it is natural—even necessary—that one side lose, suffer and die.
4. Therefore, from the Communist point of view, for any development to take place—for example, for the "revolution" to succeed—it's inevitable, even necessary, that many people will suffer, be subjected to torture, and die.
5. To legitimize these convictions, Communism—and every other ideology that adopts a materialist philosophy—resorts to destroying a society's faith in God. Actually, the aim of materialism is to alienate society from its belief in God and in religious and moral values, and bring into being a mass of human beings who consider themselves an assortment of soulless animals. In this way, these ideologues believe that they can control the masses, establish their own power, and prepare a legitimate foundation for any immorality or cruelty they wish to commit.
    Given that Communism regards human being in this way, it follows that its major efforts have been towards "bestializing" them—beating them like wild animals, "training" them by instilling fear and inflicting pain and, when necessary, cutting their throats.
    Very clearly, Lenin accepted this materialist-Darwinist philosophy that regards human beings as animals. After speaking privately with Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, the Russian scientist famous for his experiments on the conditioned reflexes of animals, Lenin tried applying Pavlov's methods to Russian society. In his book, A People's Tragedy: A History of the Russian Revolution, Orlando Figes writes about Lenin's desire to "educate" the Russian people as an animal trainer would, and how the roots of this ambition lie in Darwinism:
    In October 1919, according to legend, Lenin paid a secret visit to the laboratory of the great physiologist I. P. Pavlov to find out if his work on the conditional reflexes of the brain might help the Bolsheviks control human behaviour. 'I want the masses of Russia to follow a Communistic pattern of thinking and reacting,' Lenin explained… Pavlov was astoundedIt seemed that Lenin wanted him to do for humans what he had already done for dogs. 'Do you mean that you would like to standardize the population of Russia? Make them all behave in the same way?' he asked. 'Exactly'  replied Lenin. 'Man can be corrected. Man can be made what we want him to be.'… [T]he ultimate aim of the Communist system was the transformation of human nature. It was an aim shared by the other so-called totalitarian regimes of the inter-war period…As one of the pioneers of the eugenics movement in Nazi Germany put in 1920, 'it could almost seem as if we have witnessed a change in the concept of humanity…We were forced by the terrible exigencies of war to ascribe a different value to the life of the individual than was the case before.'
    ...The notion of creating a new type of man through the enlightenment of the masses had always been the messianic mission of the nineteenth-century Russian intelligentsia, from whom the Bolsheviks emerged. Marxist philosophy likewise taught that human nature was a product of historical development and could thus be transformed by a revolution. The scientific materialism of Darwin and Huxley, which had the status of a religion among the Russian intelligentsia during Lenin's youth, equally lent itself to the view that man was determined by the world in which he lived.Thus the Bolsheviks were led to conclude that their revolution, with the help of science, could create a new type of man...
    Conditional Reflex Indoctrination
    Lenin ,Trotsky
    Trotsky gives a propaganda speech to a mass crowd in Red Square in 1918. Lenin and Trotsky believed they could train human beings like animals, using methods to evoking a conditioned response. The Soviet Union organized the Communist Party according to this logic.
    ...Although Pavlov was an outspoken critic of the revolution and had often threatened to emigrate, he was patronized by the Bolsheviks. After two years of growing his own carrots, Pavlov was awarded a handsome ration and a spacious Moscow apartment... Lenin spoke of Pavlov's work as 'hugely significant' for the revolution. Bukharin called it 'a weapon from the iron arsenal of materialism.'21
    Trotsky, an important theoretician of Communist ideology and Lenin's most important associate, agreed with Lenin's views about "the transformation of human nature" that had their origin in Darwinism. As Trotsky wrote:
    What is man? He is by no means a finished or harmonious being. No, he is still a highly awkward creature. Man, as an animal, has not evolved by plan but spontaneously, and has accumulated many contradictions. The question of how to educate and regulate, of how to improve and complete the physical and spiritual construction of man, is a colossal problem which can only be conceived on the basis of Socialism. We can construct a railway across the Sahara, we can build the Eiffel Tower and talk directly with New York, but we surely cannot improve man. No, we can!  To produce a new, 'improved version' of man — that is the future task of Communism…Man must look at himself and see himself as a raw material, or at best as a semi-manufactured product, and say: 'At last, my dear homo sapiens, I will work on you.'22
    Along with Lenin and Trotsky, other Bolsheviks believed that human beings were an animal species, nothing more than an agglomeration of matter. Because they saw no value in human life, millions of persons could easily be sacrificed for the sake of the revolution. According to Richard Pipes's The Unknown Lenin, "For humankind at large Lenin had nothing but scorn:the documents confirm Gorky's assertion that individual human beings held for Lenin 'almost no interest,' and that he treated the working class much as a metalworker treated iron ore." 23

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    1. Those behind Communism are fully aware of the exstence of the eternal soul, but they wish to subjugate all others by attemptng to convince them that they have no eternal soul, so that they can push down the ceiling of spiritual cognitive ability in all others to the point that they only think of themselves as material entities, and those material entities can then be played by various psychological techniques like Pavlov's dogs, becoming essentially moving machines, the golem men of clay, the ideal state for such people as envisaged by the those repsonsible for Communism to be inflicted on all their victims, who are literally turned into slaves and fully intended to be so, who are not only slaves, but do not even know that they are slaves.

      Furthermore, those responsible for Communism wish to preserve their own religion, viewing themselves as not only being eternal souls, but the only souls who actually come from God, furthermore, they believe that they themselves alone are all direct expansions of God and that they alone literally ARE God. Their aim is to destroy all other religions and as much consciousness as possible in all other individuals, so that they will never know what hit them, or what is actually happening to them, or why, in fact, the essence of modern politics in a nutshell, thus, all multidimensional consciousness is being totally suppressed in a highly surreptitious manner by a multitude of different means in all other peoples, so as to make them as close to spiritual death as possible, as like literal physical machines as possible, who can quite literally be programmed just as water might be diverted to move a turbine to generatee electricity for them, and they are intended for no higher purpose than that, nor to evolve, but rather to devolve, thus the chosenite ideal to be programmed into the gentiles is presented as a being without a soul in the form of the goyim, so that that is what the goyim are continually viewed as and maintained as by modern psychological abuse and other forms of pressure.

      See 'Why Is The US Honoring A Racist Rabbi' by Alison Weir, Counterpunch, to understand how those who control even the UN today have made the UN to declare that they will work to implement the genocidal Noahide Laws in all nations in the world, under which all gentiles following any other religion will literally be physically slaughtered, and rabbis have verbally testified live on film as to the truth of this, and all other religions in the world will be literally forbidden by law, with the death sentence to apply to any who dare to attempt to remain Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Sikh etc.

      The Zohar states that 'God' (the Jews themselves according to their own view) will kill all gentiles in the world in his wrath, and that all gentiles are to be sent to hell at the end of the world, after a period od world enslavement of all gentiles.

      Karl Marx wrote "The chief mission of all other peoples and races, great and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust".

      Rabbi Stephen Wise wrote "Some call it Marxism, ... I call it Judaism".

      Marx wrote that his economic system would be impossible without the use of slavery, and that ideally, men shoudl work on one machine in a factory all their lives, so that they come to view the machine as an extension of their own body. The Judaic intention for all gentiles in a nutshell for you.

      Of course, when the subjugated American government perfects the DARPA humanoid robots in about 20 years, all non-Jews will be effectively redundant anyway.

      The late Sephardic Rabbi and head of the Israeli Shas Party, Ovadia Yosef, stated that gentiles were only created to serve the Jews.